Gold Pension (SIPP)


Put Gold Into Your Pension


What is a Gold SIPP?

A Gold Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), is a self-directed retirement account that allows for investing in gold and silver in the physical form of bullion bars and coins. The standard pension normally focuses’ on investments in the stock market and in bonds, restrictions imposed by the HMRC make it impossible for individuals to add physical precious metals to their portfolio.

June 2016 - The Gold SIPP was born, it allowed investors to add precious metals as assets in their retirement accounts.

Since then, investors have been able to use SIPP’s to include Gold and Silver products as part of their portfolio. It was an instant hit as many investors who suffered huge losses after the 2008 financial crash found a way to secure their pension into a safe-haven asset.

In 2009 - The financial markets lost 50% of their value and it was pensions pots that were hit the hardest. Half of the income that pensioners would have received before the financial crash was gone. It’s no wonder a Gold SIPP became such a popular choice for hard-working citizens.

Gold and other precious metals are a great way to diversify your portfolio, especially during an economic crisis.



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