. Why is my money safer in Gold than it is in the bank?
Sadly, we live in a world where governments have the power and the authority to do whatever they want and sovereign nations going bankrupt doesn't even make front page news. This is an incredibly uncomfortable conclusion for most people to stomach but publicly available data shows that in the west we have poorly capitalized banks backed by a poorly capitalized insurance fund backed by nearly insolvent central banks and insolvent governments. Hardly a beacon of stability is the fact that the capital ratio for most banks in the west (UK & USA) are between 1.25 and 4% please note that when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt their capital ratio was just under 3% at 2.8%.
. What is the 'Gold Standard Customer Service' you provide?

The term customer service has changed somewhat since the dawn of the internet. In the 21st century consumers tend to see 'decent' customer service as just a 'smooth check out process and quick delivery'! Whereas, pre-internet customer service was a little different (especially for a premium product such as gold) it was a little more personal, for instance the person you bought from may well have known your name, occupation, and your buying style (there would be a customer relationship.) Nowadays most e-commerce sites want to have as little to do with their customers as possible, they tend to just want you to click the 'Buy Now' button and pay.

Even though Direct Bullion at its core is an e-commerce site operating in the 21st century and offering both a 'smooth check out process and quick delivery', we have not forgotten the old ways of doing business and take immense pride in providing a more personal (some call it old fashioned), bespoke service to all our clients. After all we understand that investing in Gold can seem a little bit daunting, so whether you are a novice and purchasing gold for the first time, or an avid collector who just wants to have a chat about the market or the design of a new coin you will always be able to speak to one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

To make your experience that bit more personal, once you open an account and have made your first purchase one of our gold experts will be assigned to manage your account and all future correspondence can be made through them.

. What does 'Bullion' mean?
The term ‘bullion’ applies to both bars and coins. Within the EU, Investment Bars must have a purity of 99.5%. They include the ‘good delivery’ bars used in the wholesale bullion market. Bullion coins must be at least 90% gold by law, though some have a fineness as high as .9999 gold, including some examples of the UK’s own Britannia gold coin.
. What are Graded Coins?

Graded coins are certified by the PCGS, an industry leading professional grading company with a recognised grade on a scale between 1 and 70. Graded Coins come in a sealed, transparent container to preserve the quality of the coin. As the protective container, cannot be opened, the coin remains at its certified grade forever.

Graded coins are normally far more valuable than ungraded coins, especially an ungraded, unprotected coin, which has been subject to the elements and/or damage.

. Can I change my delivery address?
For security reasons, Orders placed online or by phone with a card can only be delivered to the same address that the card is registered to. This is due to a high number of attempted fraudulent transactions and identity theft.
. Is VAT payable on gold bullion?
As of the 1st January 2000, investment gold is NOT subject to VAT throughout the EU.
. Is VAT payable on silver bullion?
Yes VAT is payable at 20% on silver bullion bars and coins.
. Why is your gold price above the current market price?

Gold's Global spot price is based on inter-bank transfers of large numbers of London Good Delivery Bars which are 12.5 kilograms each. Unfortunately, this price is only available to large banks and does not include any brokerage fees, transportation, storage or insurance.

Smaller bars are always sold at a premium to the Global spot price to reflect the additional costs of producing and testing smaller bars.

. Do you buy back bullion that you have sold?

We will be more than happy to repurchase any coins, bars and graded coins supplied by DB. We offer up to 95% of its value on the day you decide to sell. Please see the T’s and C’s below to view the buyback policy for a full breakdown.

. Do you buy scrap gold and silver?
Yes, we do! Please contact one of the Direct Bullion team on 0800 055 7050 who will discuss the options available.

Any further questions, call us on 0800 055 7050

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