Aurus Mobile App Tutorial

What is the Aurus Mobile App?

Is a highly secure digital wallet that enables you to buy, store and trade Aurus
precious metals tokens easily.

1) Download the Aurus Mobile App

Grab your smartphone and download the Aurus Mobile App for free

You can download here:

2) Create a wallet in seconds or import an existing wallet

If you are buying Aurus tokens for the first time, tap on “Create a new wallet”.

If you are already a token holder, tap on “I already have a wallet” and import your existing wallet to the App.

3) Remember to backup your wallet

If you are creating a wallet for the first time, always remember to create a backup of your wallet. This means writing down your 24-word secret phrase.

The 24-word secret phrase is the only way to recover your funds in case your device is lost or stolen. Always keep these words safe and never share them with anyone.

4) Share your wallet address and receive your tokens

To buy and receive Aurus tokens from Direct Bullion or another user, you need to share your Wallet Address with the sender.

Tap on the center button of the app (Λ) → tap on “Deposit” → copy your wallet address and share it with the sender.